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Business transformation with an accent on growth

Among my other roles, I am a shareholder and director in The Fielding Group.

We’re not a traditional business and management consulting firm – we’re a business consulting firm focused on growth acceleration.

From education and mentoring to strategy, implementation and investment, the focus of our business consultants is improving clients' business operations and performance.

Over the last decade, each business consultant on our team has helped ambitious entrepreneurs and investors overcome complex challenges to build, grow and scale to create value.

We don't walk away after the strategy work is done. Your Fielding business and management consultant stays in the game with you all the way.

Their role is to help you:

  • Create a sustainable business
  • Build an in-depth understanding of your business and what it needs to thrive.

We bring industry expertise to each client. Our people are not recent business consulting graduate programme students. They're experienced business consultants whose insights deliver clients a competitive advantage.  Their primary professional qualifications are the time they have spent building businesses for themselves and others.

We believe in action and making things happen. Ultimately, we care about the positive impact we make to your bottom line.

For us, the mission is to deliver results. On site and at your premises, our previous experience demonstrates that we deliver just that.

Build, grow and scale your business

It's a hands-on experience at every stage of business and personal growth, be that:

  • Education and mentoring - every day provides new learning opportunities for you and your staff to create positive change in your business.
  • Human resources expertise - getting the right people with the right capabilities for the right job and keeping them.
  • Strategy creation - the right strategy will take you to 7 figures. Learn from us what you need to do to scale to 8 figures creating the type of company others will pay a lot of money to purchase.
  • Capability building - no matter how talented you are, you shouldn't do everything on your own. We show you how to build capability in your people and your processes through recruitment and technology.
  • Business optimisation - find new opportunities for efficiency to bring down costs and increase profit. Let us also show you how to take advantage of the opportunities big data analysis offers.
  • Accessing finance for expansion - our accounting team and business consultants work together to create business plans that interest investors and specialist SME capital markets.

Insight, creativity and commercial rigour are at the heart of our approach, delivering results-focused plans that work.

We don’t promise it will be easy but the results will be worth it.

Business and management consulting combined with education and business mentoring

Whether you are right at the beginning of your journey or an experienced business owner, the success of your company depends on your skillset and your mindset.

Our education and mentoring programmes cover every facet of the business growth lifecycle including:

  • High-impact lead generation
  • Driving predictable revenue
  • Effective automation and systemisation
  • Freeing you up from the day-to-day to work on your business

We use a blend of online and face-to-face learning to ensure our content can be accessed "any time, any place" to maximise impact and effectiveness. Remember, there is no better investment than investing in yourself.

Our services include:

  • Expert masterclasses - work in partnership with industry experts who have grown multiple companies to find out how they did it so that you can then take their approach and fashion it to your business.
  • High-performance mastermind groups - become an integral part of our mastermind groups where members provide input and advice to each other to overcome personal and professional challenges.
  • VIP accountability groups - be surrounded by people who share your goals and work for your success - people who can offer you new insights, contacts and knowledge to grow your company.
  • Exclusive immersive retreats - sometimes, you can see more when you're further away. Remove yourself from your business for a short while and surround yourself with like minds. That way, you'll be able to see an even clearer picture of what you need to do to succeed.
  • Ultimate business mentoring - many consultants work daily and weekly with clients, especially in the early stages, to help them get personally and professionally ready for revenue growth.

We create solutions for businesses growing and scaling

Business growth and scale-up are all about having the right skills, capability and expertise when you need it. You can't do it all yourself!

Our solutions are agile and bespoke; designed to help when required to create, re-define and transform your processes and key initiatives, and in turn, your company. We are results-focused, and measurement of impact using data is at the heart of our approach.

Our services include:

  • Expert advisory - we'll partner you with the business consultant whose personal experience of running a business and professional experience of advising businesses like yours is the closest.
  • Business planning - all client work we carry out begins with understanding where you are now and what your end goal is. We then plan the stages that are needed milestone by milestone to get you there in the timescale you want.
  • Proposition development - as business owners, we get great ideas and want to take them to market. The problem is that those great ideas often need more thought and input from staff and customers. We help you develop products and services that are ready for market on launch with feedback loops allowing further iterations to meet customer needs and simplify service delivery.
  • Commercial velocity - growth hacking works but then it stops working. Learn how to introduce an Amazon-like flywheel effect so that each action you take and your customers take accelerates growth.
  • Operational agility - if your company is too reliant on you and your senior managers, you need to develop internal agility so that your business won't suffer if the Vice President of Sales is away for a month on holiday or is tempted to join a competitor.
  • Capability building - learn how to increase revenue to utilise all the existing capacity in your business. Then learn how to scale capacity to meet growing demand for your products and services in a scalable and sustainable way.

Capital raising and investment business consultants

Strategic growth requires investment, particularly if you are looking to build a performance business or an empire.

We can work with you to help position your business so it is attractive to investors. We can also lead a funding round on your behalf, matching the right type of investor with your growth vision. Finally, we can support you when you are looking to sell your business and realise a capital event.

Our services include:

  • Business valuation - we value your business now using a number of different metrics. We then look for the added value in your marketplace, systems and processes to find additional value.
  • Preparing your Information Memorandum - the Information Memorandum is one of the most important documents in the sales process as it persuades prospective buyers to go forward with the enquiry and open a dialogue with you.
  • Sourcing and recommending funding options - from raising funds on the capital markets to seller financing, explore all options available to increase the value of businesses you can bid for.
  • Exit planning, advisory, management and negotiation - when you go to market, you've got to be ready. We'll work with your professional advisors to ensure that your data room and all other expected services are available to your prospective buyers.
  • Acquiring businesses to add to your portfolio - expanding through acquisition is the quickest way to get a company from 7 figures to 8 figures in most cases. Most SME owners do not know that specialist investors and financial institutions provide services to business owners looking to expand via that route. We can introduce you to our network and help you make your case to them.

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Work with Rob and the team at Fielding Global to realise the potential in your business. Only one in three businesses ever get passed £500,000 annual turnover. You'll find out why and what you need to do to surpass that aiming for an eight-figure turnover. When you get to £10,000,000 turnover and beyond, other companies will come looking to purchase you often for a life-changing sum.

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